Thursday, May 14, 2009

Spartan Seniors Graduate

It's good to see that the Spartan Seniors participated in their respective graduation ceremonies.  I couldn't be more proud.  My interest was peaked, though, when I saw that two of the three graduates earned degrees in family community services.  After a quick visit to the degree's website, I found that the rigorous curriculum involves such classes as "Work and Family" and "Parenting."  While my first intuition is to belittle this degree, I think it could be very beneficial for athletes.  Even though Marquise Gray and Travis Walton probably won't go on to play in the NBA, there is a good chance that they will latch on somewhere, in some league.  Knowing basic parenting and personal finance skills can go a long way to make a college student into a man.  With all the travel, various groupies and family members trying to get a piece, young millionnaires have a lot to learn when they enter the League and even though the NBA is continually trying to ease that transition, the added benefit of a four year degree in, essentially, common sense seems like a pretty good idea.

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