Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Good to see Charlie Bell getting the job done for the Bucks with Redd out for the season:

8. Charlie Bell, not Charlie Villanueva, was the player of the game for the Bucks.  Bell continued his hot/cold play with a hot day on both ends of the court.  Statistically, he was the biggest reason the Bucks won.  Oh, he actually rebounded, too!!  Mark your calendars.

Maybe he's developing into more than just a nice shooter.  Him hitting the boards is going to take him a long way in the League.

Monday, February 23, 2009

New Rankings Out

Well, State dropped to #9.  That sounds about right after the shelacking they took at the hands of Purdue earlier in the week.  The resiliency they showed against Wisco probably kept them in the top 10.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Mr. Suton looked a lot like the last #14 at State with that jumper in the waning seconds. It felt eerily similar to a Charlie Bell mid-range jump shot.

Clutch win. It was great to see them get the victory after the beat down from Purdue earlier in the week.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Raymar v. Brandon Roy

I'm not sure what exactly spurred this comparison between Raymar Morgan and Brandon Roy, but, not surprisingly, Brandon Roy holds the advantage. What did surprise me, however, was that the stats are pretty comparable. Remember, Roy only started 26 games his Junior year. Hopefully, the Sheet thinks Morgan is going to have a huge breakout next year and that's why they compared him to Roy. Fingers crossed!

As always, thanks Statsheet.

Friday, February 20, 2009

At first I was surprised to see that Mateen was the all-time leader in turnovers, but when I really think about it, I remember how he played...So up-tempo. I don't have the # of possessions info on hand, but they pushed the ball a lot more than the Spartans do nowadays. More possessions means more turnover potential. Still an interesting stat. Thanks Statfix!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Stats Don't Lie

Does anything stand out here?  Maybe the two 3 pointers made?  How about the 22 turn overs?  Or how about eight total assists?  Even the pretty colors cannot make this easier to handle....

P.S. I can't get the active chart to install yet, so here's a still image until I can...Thanks to Statsheet.com and to SpartansWebLog for leading me there.

The Big Ten Race Just Got Friskier...

Well, MSU can still win the B10, but it is going to take some work.  Here's what Big Ten Geeks has to say: 
So it appears that there's still some life left for the chase for the conference title. Michigan State still has the inside track, of course, but Purdue also controls their own destiny. Win out - including the season finale against the Spartans in East Lansing - and they will secure at least a tie for the Big Ten title. Now that Robbie Hummel appears to be healthy, they have a reasonable shot. 

Hopefully this was a wakeup call to the Spartans to get their sh*t together.  Purdue's D is good, but they made State look ridiculous.  I bet Izzo has the boys running a little harder today....

Ugh...that got ugly fast.  I tried to quell my fears that State would choke like usual (during the regular season,) but I guess I shouldn't have...

image via freep

Friday, February 13, 2009

Bama Fans Waste My Time

Looks like our good friends over at TideFans.com are discussing the merits of hiring Tom Izzo to be there next head coach.  Sometimes I daydream too, but it doesn't mean that I shouldn't make fun of these guys for considering for even a millisecond that Izzo would leave one of the "top four basketball schools" (thanks Pat Forde!) for the sinking ship that is Alabama basketball.  Well, if you're bored, maybe you should check this out....

Highlights include: 

I definitely agree he has a few good years left. But, the past five years makes me wonder if [Izzo] has any "great" years left. Of course, let's be honest - at Alabama, most people would settle for ONE great year.
Tom Izzo is an outrageous concept -- but that's partly because our expectations have been kept so low that it feels borderline delusional to think a coach of his level might look our way. 

I would probably keep those expectations low for the time being....

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Big Ten Earns a 2 Seed

Interesting story posted today on SLAM comparing the all-conference teams from each of the major conferences....It's a two part series; you should check it out.  The Big Ten is the 2 seed (out of 12,) which is not too shabby, but on Lucas makes the team.  Battle, Turner, Landry...household names if you follow the B10, but no Suton?   Hmmmm...We will see how this season finishes up and then revisit this list.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Who's Your Daddy?

At the risk of sounding like too much of a homer, I really liked this:

It was a reminder the big-brother, little-brother syndrome is alive and well and still kicking in this rivalry. Michigan State has owned college basketball in this state for more than decade.

Phil Caputo and I are going to be very good friends if he keeps saying things like this.

Delvon Roe Is Better Than Lou Roe

It looks like Roe's knee might finally be feeling better.  He might finally be coming into the form that we Spartan fans have been waiting to see.  Microfracture knee surgery is no joke, so it’s good to see the big fella coming around.  If he can carry that intensity over 40 minutes, he is going to be a beast.  Here's what MLive had to say,

"Delvon Roe came to Michigan State with the credentials to be a freshman phenom.

When a knee injury in high school and another during the offseason stunted his progress, Roe could have become one frustrated freshman.

To his misfortune, he didn't become the first.

To his credit, he didn't become the latter.

On Tuesday night at Crisler Arena, he finally was vindicated.

Roe scored 11 of his career-high 14 points in the first half to keep Michigan at bay. He also added 10 rebounds to help ninth-ranked MSU come away with a critical 54-42 victory.

"In the first half, the difference was Delvon Roe," Spartans coach Tom Izzo said. "This is getting exciting for me because that kid worked so hard and has been through so much in the last year-and-a-half.

"He never complains and just keeps working. I'm proud of him and happy for him. I said it would probably be the beginning of February before we started seeing the real Delvon. I don't think we've seen it yet, but we're starting to see stages of it.

"He had 10 rebounds and a couple big ones late."

Roe, who played a career-high 29 minutes, credited his work on the offensive boards for getting him going.

"I think I showed what I can do for 40 minutes, or however minutes I'm out there playing, and that I can be an impact-type player," Roe said. "But I've got a lot of work to do.

"It's always about the offensive rebounds, crashing the boards and running the lanes.""

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

About this blog

Hi Guys,

This blog is obviously a work in progress. I was planning to start blogging at the start of March Madness, but I was so pumped about State's victory today that I didn't want to wait any longer. For now, I am just concerned with aggregating State basketball news from various sources, but unique content is in the pipeline.

Morgan Still Out; Does Not Matter...MSU Wins

ANN ABOR, Mich. -- Freshman Delvon Roe scored 11 of his season-high 14 points in the first half and Kalin Lucas had 13 of his 15 points after halftime, leading No. 9 Michigan State to a 54-42 win over Michigan on Tuesday night.

The Spartans (20-4, 10-2 Big Ten) have won three straight to open a 2½-game lead over Illinois and Ohio State, moving closer to their first conference championship since 2001.The Wolverines (15-10, 5-7) will have to finish the season strong, after beating Duke and UCLA, to play in the NCAA tournament for the first time since 1998.Michigan, which trailed by eight at halftime and 12 early in the second half, pulled within four with 4:48 left but couldn't get closer.

DeShawn Sims scored 18 points while leading scorer Manny Harris had just seven on 2-of-10 shooting for the Wolverines after saying it was a must-win game.The Spartans have won 16 of 19 in the series.Michigan had won its last two home games against Michigan State but led the latest matchup just twice in the opening minutes.The Spartans were without second-leading scorer Raymar Morgan, who missed his third straight game recovering from a batch of illnesses, but are expecting him for their next game Tuesday night at Purdue.

Michigan State is 7-0 in true road games, joining Connecticut, Louisville and Utah State as the only undefeated Division I teams on opponents' home courts.The Wolverines have lost seven of their last nine and might've been tired against Michigan State, playing their third game in just six days.The Spartans scored the first five points of the game, then Michigan outscored them 8-2 to take the lead.One of Roe's four field goals in the lane put Michigan State ahead for good midway through the first half. His 11 points before halftime surpassed his previous best in a Big Ten game and were just two short of his previous career high. He finished with 10 rebounds, one short of his season best.

The Spartans led 23-15 at halftime despite a six-plus minute scoring drought that ended with Lucas' first points with 1:08 left in the half.Michigan made a meager 32 percent of its shots in the first half, made just two 3-pointers on 10 attempts and gave up nine points off eight turnovers. The Wolverines made 35 percent of their shots overall and missed 20 of 24 3-pointers.

via ESPN.com